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Courses & Workshops

Mama Support Groups 

A unique opportunity for mamas to connect and bond with other mamas, as well as,  feel seen and learn more about the woman within.

First Time Mamas

Monday, July 24th (3 pm - 4 pm EST)
*Registration closes Sunday, July 23rd at 3 pm EST

Becoming a mama is a lot. Let's get you tools that will support your mental and emotional wellbeing as you step into motherhood. Share your experience and receive guidance through postpartum adjustment(s).

Email Counseling *NEW SERVICE*
Life is non-stop, especially when you have little(s). This option of psychotherapy counseling gives everyone, no matter how busy you are, access to guidance and support that is convenient. On the couch or on a ride - after work or after bedtime, email me anytime.

For $300/month, members will receive personalized one-on-one mental health therapy via email counseling, as well as the option to add counseling via phone. Counseling will begin with a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation, and emails will be responded to within a 24-hour period. The service is on-going, monthly, until the client chooses to end counseling, in which case, 30 days advance notice is required. 

We can work on

  • behavior modification 

  • mental wellness

  • self-excavation

  • creating and achieving goals

  • parent/child or partner/partner
    skill and relationship building

  • personal challenges or goals

  • and much more

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